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Here are links to pictures of teams that my children play on in Washington State.  Since I also took pictures of all the kids, if your kid was on our team or played our team, you are in luck.  There are football, baseball, and wrestling in 2009.  Most of the teams we played were from the East side of King County, but some of my kids were fortunate enough to be on all-star teams that played state wide. You may use or post these pictures for personal use, as  long as you credit either "taken by Erik Moseid" or reference this web site.

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Because of the ever changing Photoworks and FlickR, many of the links below are dead, but do use them to get the detail of what to access, and then use the above links to see the pictures.  They are on my server and I am using a very simple and free program to accesses them called jGallery 2.  Do to the large quantity of photos; I have split them into several databases by year (for faster response).

(I am using Flickr to store the photos, you can download full resolution, the links below gives you a guest pass, but if you are on my son's team and open a free account, I can add you as a friend and you will see all my uploads, including new ones.  If the link is dead, use the above links.)

2009 Redmond High School Football

Note that Matt Campbell has also taken pictures of the mustangs, click here to his photos

2009-10-30 RHS Vs Lake Washington 1st Half On a very gusty, rainy night our kids played very well

2009-10-30 RHS Vs Lake Washington 2nd Half

2009-10-27 RHS Vs Newport Played 2 quarters for playoff position

2009-10-23 RHS Vs Skyline Seniors Senior players and their families are honored

2009-10-23 RHS Vs Skyline 1st half  Skyline #8 HS team in the nation, #9 is #1 quarterback.  Was a very rainy night.

2009-10-23 RHS Vs Skyline 2nd half

2009-10-15 RHS Vs Garfield Our kids played well at Memorial Stadium in Seattle

2009-10-09 RHS Vs Issaquah 1st half

2009-10-09 RHS Vs Issaquah Halftime  Homecoming

2009-10-09 RHS Vs Issaquah 2nd half

2009-10-02 RHS Vs Newport

2009-09-25 RHS Vs Eastlake 1st half  Redmond finally started playing as a team

2009-09-25 RHS Vs Eastlake 2nd half

2009-09-18 RHS Vs Bothell

2009-09-17 RHS Sophmores Vs Vikings

2009-09-11 RHS vs Juanita 1st official District game

2009-09-04 RHS vs Prosser Mustangs played a scrimage game agianst the State Champions.

2009-08-21 Gala Opening on new field and honoring past greats

2009-08-19 Field Practice 1st time on the new turf

2009-08-06 Weight Room All summer the boys have been lifting

2009-06-12 Football scrimage In prep for training camp

2009 Evergreen Junior High School Varsity Wrestling

2009-03-21 District Wrestling Tournament Cantrell gets 4th place, Evergreen is #1 overall

2009-03-10 EJH Vs Finn Hill  Cantrell wins

2008 Evergreen Junior High School Varsity Football

2008-10-30 EJH team pictures End of year party following 2nd perfect season.  Well Done

2008-10-30 EJH Vs RJH 24:0 over 2nd place Redmond Jr. finishes 2nd straight undefeated year.

2008-10-24 EJH Vs Finn Hill  Both undefeated, EJH wins 22:16 in a close one.

2008-10-17 EJH Vs Rose Hill 4th Game, closest yet, had to come from behind 32:15

2008-10-10 EJH Vs Kamiakan 3rd Game, 36:0

2008-10-03 EJH Vs RJH 2nd Game, also a win 14:6 (only got 2nd quarter due to rain)

2008-09-19 EJH Vs Kirkland 1st Game of the season was a win 24:0

Links to 2007 Teams

2007 Redmond Jr. Mustangs Senior team (composed of the 9th graders that played on the Jr. High teams from Evergreen JH, Redmond JH and Rose Hill)

    2007-11-16 RJMS vs Inglemoor We made some mistakes that Inglemoor capitalized on (also low light)

    2007-11-10 RJMS vs Skyview The first game as a team (the light was low during the 2nd half)

2007 Evergreen Junior High School Varsity Football team

    2007-11-02 EJH Vs. RJH The last game, ending a perfect no loss season.

    2007-10-25 EJH Vs. Inglewood Finally another nice day (no pictures from last, rainy day)

    2007-10-05 EJH Vs. Rose Hill  A nice sunny day, clear pictures, 3rd straight win

    2007-09-28 EJH Vs. Kamiakan  I arrived with a dead battery and could only get a few shots

2007 Evergreen Junior High School JV Baseball Team

        2007-05-08 JV Vs. Kirkland

Links to 2005 Teams

(I have not converted these yet, so they are still at Photoworks and may NOT WORK)

2006 Redmond Jr. Mustangs Football: Varsity Team

2006 RNLL 12 Year All-Star Team

2006 Blue Sox, 11 -12 Year Baseball Team

2006 RNLL Majors Division Pirates

Links to 2005 Teams

(I spent 2005 in Iraq, so there are not a lot of pictures, only baseball from when I was home on leave)

2005 RNLL 11 Year All-Star Team / Bulldogs

2005 Redmond 14-15 Year-olds RBA Dragons

  2005 RNLL Majors Division Pirates


Links to 2004 Teams

(Looking at older pictures; the kids sure look young!)

2004 Redmond Jr. Mustangs Football: JV Gold Team

2004 Redmond Jr. Mustangs Football: Varsity Team

(The below were taken with my old camera)

2004 Redmond 14 Yr-old All-Stars  

2004 Redmond 14-15 Year-olds RBA Heat

2004 RNLL Coast Division Blue Jays



Links to 2003 Teams

2003 Redmond Jr. Mustangs Football: JV Team

2003 Redmond Jr. Mustangs Football: Sophomore Team

2003 Redmond High School Football Team

2003 RNLL AAA Division Angles

2003 Redmond 13 Year-olds All Star Team

2003 Redmond 13 Year-olds RBA Devils page

2003 Redmond 14-15 Year-olds RBA Brewers

Links to 2002 Teams

2002 Redmond Jr. Mustangs Football: Cubs Team

2002 Redmond Jr. Mustangs Football: Sophomore Team

(I have more pictures; baseball and football going back to 2000, contact me if you are interested)




I have placed the pictures I have taken on the Internet.  Click on the hyperlink and it will take you to the pictures I uploaded to  It is easier to share the link, and have you download the ones you want, then to email you over 50 Megabytes of pictures (sometimes Photoworks is busy, you might try it later).  Feel free to share the access with close friends and family members.  

Once you are there you will see a thumbnail sketch of the pictures (small picture-loads fast), if you click on one, it will load that picture, clicking again will give you the full picture (more time-greater detail).  You may download any you like to your own PC by right clicking and selecting ‘save as’.  You may print it on your own printer.  Or through you can order pictures printed.  

A word about the pictures:  I use a digital camera in mega pixel resolution, all of 2004 I purchased a better camera which uses 6 mega pixel resolution, so the pictures are much better quality.  In good light the shutter is fast and the depth of field is good (in focus).  During low light (dusk or cloudy), the shutter slows and aperture opens making some pictures blurry.  Most of the pictures are unedited (i.e. If you want to lighten, color correct or crop, you will have to do it yourself).