LF200GY Technical Support Page

This page contains Technical and Service information for the LF150, QP150, LF200 and QP200.

Note:  Not all issues will effect all models, but it is recommended that you check your bike for the symptoms listed.

Critical Issues:

WARNING:  Critical issue, Brake bolts can damage front wheel!

Effects all models with front disc brake.  Although we have only seen this on one bike, which did not result in any accident, since the integrity of the front wheel is compromised, it is important for everyone to check to be sure these bolts are tight on your bike.

If  Fun-Bikes assembled your bike, bring it in for a free check.

 Symptom:  The front wheel makes noise, then spokes start ripping out, This could be DANGEROUS, please check your bolts ASAP!

Cause:  The caliper bolts have worked loose and are hitting the spokes.

Solution:  Tighten the two bolts facing the spokes (see pictures below), Locktight Blue Gel is recommended (available at most hardware stores and auto parts stores).

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Other issues:

Rear Brake Lockup Problem

Effects all models with rear disc brake.  On the bikes Fun-Bikes assembled this should already be adjusted correctly, since it has always been part of our setup procedure.

Symptom:  Rear Brake rubs, gets hot, then locks up after riding a while, after only a few miles, the rear brake disc turns bluish black form the heat.

Cause:  the hydraulic master cylinder is not going all the way out and builds up pressure, expanding and applying the brake.

Solution:  Adjust the master cylinder by rotating the nut at the bottom of the plunger, so the plunger gets shorter. 

Engine Vibration Issue

Effects all models, but is a problem on only a very few.  At this time we recommend the fix below on only those bikes where the engine bolts have broken, but since we noticed that there is a discrepancy in the frame mount spacing which seems to have been worked around by installing smaller bolts, we thought it prudent to include on this page (we have seen broken engine bolts only once so far).

Symptom:  Bike shakes excessively, broken engine bolt.

Cause:   The engine bolts are loose or broken, while replacing or tightening the factory bolts will help, the ultimate cause is that the bolts are too small.  The engine bolts are 10mm while the engine mount holes are big enough to fit a 7/16" bolt (11.1125mm).  The spacing on the engine is less than the spacing on the frame, so the correct bolts will not fit.  We suspect that the smaller bolts are used since they provide leeway (slop) with the frame.  It is this excess play that can cause the bolts to vibrate and break, the entire stability comes only from the inward pressure of the two main bolts being tight.

Solution:  Replace the Engine Bolts with 7/16" Grade 8 Bolts.  Unfortunately this isn't as easy as it sounds.  First challenge is that 7/16" bolts are not common, and are not made long enough (I am working on getting some custom made, no ETA yet).  The second is that the engine mounts are too close together, so that when larger bolts are used, the holes do not line up.  Thirdly, grade 8 bolts rust, and need to be painted.

I recommend the procedure only on bikes that have had engine bolts break, or for perfectionists, if you are handy with tools, and have spare time.

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To replace the bolts follow the procedures below:

The bike should now ride smoother than ever!

Rear Sprocket Upgrade

Symptom:  Bike winds up and needs to be shifted too quickly, winds out going 60 MPH.

Cause:  Gearing is too low.

Solution:   The bike comes with a 56 tooth rear sprocket, replace it with a 46 tooth rear sprockets available for $29.95.  We recommend this an all the 200cc models, there is still plenty of torque for off-road use.  On 150cc it has not been tested as extensively, but should help as well.  Note:  You will need to remove a few links from the chain.

For anyone able to bring their bike to our Redmond, WA warehouse, I will install the rear sprocket for $80.00 ($50.00 if you bought the bike from fun-bikes).


If you are still having problems, Contact usYou are a valuable customer, I will go to great lengths to help you solve your problem as quickly as possible (if you did not purchase your bike from us, as much as I would like to, I don't have time to help you, you need to contact your dealer, or pay your local Honda dealer to help you, sorry).

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