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2004-08-28 JV Jamboree

2004-09-18 JV Vs 5-Star

2004-09-25 JV Vs. Bellevue

2004-10-02 JV Vs Woodinville Black

2004-10-09 JV Vs Eastlake




Link to Redmond Jr. Football (has schedule etc.)


I have placed the pictures I have taken on the Internet.  The site I have chosen, photoworks.com is easily accessed by anyone with Internet access, however, the pictures cannot be found by browsing, but only by knowing the exact address to go to and then only by knowing the password; this is all included in the hyperlink.  It is easier to share the link, and have you download the ones you want, then to email you over 50 Megabytes of pictures (sometimes Photoworks is busy, you might try it later).  Feel free to share the pictures with close friends and family members.  


Once you are there you will see a thumbnail sketch of the pictures (small picture-loads fast), if you click on one, it will load that picture, clicking again will give you the full picture (more time-greater detail).  You may download any you like to your own PC by right clicking and selecting ‘save as’.  You may print it on your own printer.  Or through photoworks.com you can order pictures printed.  Also for each player on the team, after the season is over, I will give him a CD with all the pictures on it.


A word about the pictures:  I use a digital camera in 6 mega pixel resolution.  In good light the shutter is fast and the depth of field is good (in focus).  During low light (dusk or cloudy), the shutter slows and aperture opens making some pictures blurry.  All the pictures are unedited (i.e. If you want to lighten, color correct or crop, you will have to do it yourself).  I have pictures form previous years sports, baseball and football, however, these were taken in 1 mega pixel resolution with my old camera.


I attempt to take at least one picture of each player.  Some of the pictures did not come out very well, the player turned out of view or someone cut in front of me etc.  When I felt that had happened I would take another.  I am including all the photos since it is hard to tell what might be a valuable memory years from now, even if the quality is questionable. 

If you have taken one photos and would like it to be posted, please let me know, I would be more than happy to post it.

Erik Moseid

(Austin and Cantrell's Dad)

for questions or comments: email sales@fun-bikes.com



Link to Redmond Jr. Football (has schedule etc.)